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Flim-Flam (James Randi) occult Request
Disciples to Such A Lord (Albert Barnett) comm mark Request
Contemplating the Almighty (Bob LaForge) god Request
70x7 and Beyond (Monty Christensen) bio/ Request
Recipes by God (Ben Lerner) health Request
The Symphony of Scripture (Mark Strom) Bible Introduction Request
Should I Home School? (Elizabeth and Dan Hamilton) home school Request
Being a Christian in Science (Walter R. Hearn) science Request
Defending Black Faith (Craig S. Keener and Glenn Usry) Apologetics Request
Dissonant Voices (Harold A. Neland) philo Request
What's Darwin Got to do With It? (Robert C. Newman) science Request
Battling the Occult (Russ Parker) occult Request
Self, Earth, and Society (Thomas N. Finger) philo Request
Models for Christian Higher Education: Strategies for Survival and Success ... (Richard T. Hughes) education Request
Christian Counseling Ethics: A Handbook for Therapists, Pastors & Counselors (unknown) counseling Request
An Eye for An Eye (Christopher J. H. Wright) 10 Commandments Request
Christianity and Philosophy (Keith E. Yandell) philo Request
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen) counseling Request
The Divided Church (Richard G. Hutcheson and Peggy Shriver) Theology Request
The Way of Life: A Theology of Christian Vocation (Gary D. Badcock) work place Request
The Global God: Multicultural Evangelical Views of God (Aid Besancon Spencer) god Request
The Gift of Art (Gene Edward Veith) Art Request
A Heart for the Community (John Fuder and Noel Castellanos) church growth Request
The Meeting of the Waters (Fritz Kling) church growth Request
Neruda: The Yellow Heart (William O'Daly) spanish Request
Connecting: The Mentoring Relationships You Need to Succeed in Life (Paul D. Stanley, J. Robert Clinton) spiritual formatiom Request
Isolation (Shelley Trebesch) leadership Request
Jesus for President (Shane Claiborne) Christian Living Request
Missional Map-Making: Skills for Leading in Times of Transition (Alan Roxburgh) leadership Request
Helps, Hints, Homilies (Hy Pickering) homiletics Request
Spiritual Cooking with Yael: Recipes and Bible Mediations from the Holy Land (Yael Eckstein) health Request
Living Free (James Robison and Robert Morris) Charismatic Request
From Dream to Destiny (Robert Morris) Charismatic Request
Supernatural Provision: Living in Financial Freedom (Joan Hunter) Charismatic Request
When Tolerance Is No Virtue (S. D. Gaede) morality Request
The One Year Minie for Women (NIV) wo/dev Request
The Complete Bible Study Took Kit (Stuart Briscoe) PA Stuart & Jill Briscoe Request
Patricia St. John Tells Her Own Story (Patricia St John) Biography Request
Weaving a Life of Prayer (Marsha Crockett) Prayer Request
Restoring the Center (Gabriel Fackre) morality Request
Modern Psychotherapies: A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal (Stanton L. Jones) counseling Request
Faithful Living in a Faithless World (Roy Clements) comm/ezekiel Request
Passport to the Bible: An Explorer's Guide (unknown) Bible Study Request
Abortion and the Early Church (Michael J. Gorman) Abortion Request
Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament (Christopher J. H. Wright) Christology Request
No Place for Sovereignty: What's Wrong with Freewill Theism (R. K. McGregor Wright) Theodicy Request
Behind the Scenes of the New Testament (Paul Barnett) nt. Intro Request
Jesus: Lord & Savior (F. F. Bruce) Life of Christ Request
How to Read the Bible (A. J. Conyers) Bible Introduction Request
Spiritual Formation (Glandion Carney and Coleman Moore) Spiritual Formation Request

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