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Title Author Category
The American Patriots Almanac softcover William Bennett pa
The Seven Faith Tribes George Barna pa
The Gospel of John Frederick Dale Bruner commentary
Heritage school of evangelism: Home Bible study course evangelism
Read the Bible for Life George H. Guthrie
The Little Big Book of Life Natasha Tabori Fried gifts
Intimacy Douglas Weiss marriage
What these girls knew Thelma Wells women
God's mysterious ways Gary Inrig Christian Living
Religions of the Axial Age Prof. Mark W. Muesse World Religions
Religions of the Axial Age Prof. Mark W. Muesse World Religions
Religions of the Axial Age Prof. Mark W. Muesse World Religions
Luther: Gospel, Law, and Reformation Phillip Cary Martin Luther
Introduction to Judaism Shai Cherry Judaism
The Old Testament Cd 2 vols Amy-Jill Levine o.t. intro
Great Figures of the New Testament Professor Amy-Jill Levine bible characters
Lost Christianities Part 1&2 Bart Ehrman church history
The History of Christian theology (Cd's and book) Professor Phillip Cary Theology
Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Commentary Earl D. Radmacher commentary
The One Volume Bible Commentary j.r. Dummelow commentary
Encyclopedia of Catholicism Richard McBrien Catholic
An Encyclopedia of African American Christian Heritage Marvin A. McMickle Encyclopedia
Liberty Lives Forever politics
Daniel (Concordia Commentary) Andrew Steinmann comm/daniel
Essays In Honor Of J Dwight Pentecost Toussaint theologians
65175 Books 1