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57557 Books

Title Author Category
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible 2 volumes Walter A. Elwell Encyclopedia
In Search of the Genesis World Erich A. Von Fange science
Muslims and Christians at the Table Bruce A. McDowell and Anees Zaka eastern religion
Why I Am Not An Arminian Robert A. Peterson and Michael D. Williams election
Ten Myths About Calvinism Kenneth J. Stewart calvinism
Pray To Live, Thomas Merton: Contemplative Critic Henri Nouwen pa
Targum of Psalms (Aramaic Bible) David M. Stec comm psalms
Daniel (Apollos Old Testament Commentary) Ernest C. Lucas comm daniel
Genesis The Beginning of Desire Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg comm genesis
Song of Songs: Erotic Love Poetry Judith Ernst
The IVP Bible Background Commentary Genesis-Deuteronomy John H. Walton and Victor H. Matthews comm genesis
The Dictionary of Historical Theology Trevor A. Hart dictionary
With Her Own Eyes Emily Sampson
Erasmus and Calvin on the Foolishness of God Kirk Essary pa
The Language of the Psalms in Worship Rochelle A. Stackhouse comm psalms
The Divine Symphony The Bible's Many Voices Israel Knohl Judaism
Landscape With Two Saints Lisa M. Bitel Saints/ christian classic
The Book That Breathes New Life Walter Brueggemann o.t intro.
Constantine The Great Michael Grant early history
Genesis Donald Grey Barnhouse comm genesis
How To Obtain Healing Creflo A. Dollar pa
Friends of Zion: John Henry Patterson and Orde Charles Wingate Mike Evans bio/war
The Biblical Psalms In Christian Worship John D. Witvliet Praying The Psalms
The Church Fathers On The Bible Frank Sadowski church fathers
Paul for Today's Church: A Commentary on First Corinthians Stanley B. Marrow Comm 1 cor
57557 Books 1