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Title Author Category
Psalms For A Pilgrim People Jim Cotter Praying The Psalms
Genesis For Everyone John Golingay comm genesis
Tindale's Triumph, John Rogers' Monument:New Testament 1537 John Wesley Sawyer biblical criticism
Frederick Buechner Novelist and Theologian of the Lost and Found Theology
Pismo Swiete Nowego Testamentu I Psalmy office*
Ecclesiastes T. M. More comm/ecclesiastes
American Muslims Asma Gull Hasan eastern religion
Health in the 21st Century Francisco Contreras health
1 Enoch George W. E. Nickelsburg other writings
Living In Bible Times Candle Discovery Series Tim Dowley Archaeology
Hebrews Wisdom Commentary Mary Ann Beavis and HyeRan Kim-Cragg comm Hebrews
Micah Wisdom Commentary Julia M. O'Brien comm/micah
The Reliability of the New Testament (Ehrman, Wallace Dialogue) Robert B. Stewart biblical criticism
1 Peter The Story of God Bible Commentary Dennis R. Edwards comm daniel
The Septuagint,, Sexuality, and the New Testament William Loder Theology
Psalms Volume 1 NIV Application Commentary Gerald H. Wilson comm psalms
Psalms (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms) John Goldingay comm psalms
The Psalms Prayers of Many Moods Ronald Quillo Praying The Psalms
Parallel Classic Commentary on the Psalms Charles Spurgeon, John Calving, Matthew Henry com/Psalms
Thomas Merton Poet, Prophet, Priest Jennifer Fisher Bryant Catholic
The Last Word N. T. Wright Theology
Paul For Everyone 1 Corinthians N. T. Wright comm 1 cor.
Paul For Everyone The Prison Letters N. T. Wright comm ephesians
The Case For The Psalms N. T. Wright comm psalms
The Song of Solomon Douglass Sean O'Donnell comm song of solomon
57557 Books 2